The Joshua Foundation


The following video is the beginning of hopefully several videos about Eden’s partner foundation that supports a school in Haiti. Meet Marie Gray. She is the founder of the Joshua Foundation. She lives and works in this country where she works as a nurse while raising money for the school she started in Salagnac, Haiti….

Stories touch our hearts


The Eden Foundation Team interviewed Marie Gray, founder of Joshua Mission of Hope in Salagnac, Haiti. Here is Marie’s witness story, told in her own words:   My uncle came to visit me in America and said they were opening a school, Gabriel Academy, and needed help. I believe that education is the way to…

Mission Mindedness


This is a continuation of the information about the school in Salagnac, Haiti; the story that was begun last week under this post.   “Currently, we are running our school with a staff consisting of nine teachers, three teacher’s aides, an Administrator, a dean, a program director, and a receptionist. We also have three cooks…

Mission Minded


This post will mainly focus on the Joshua Mission of Hope Foundation which is based in the United States but serves the community of Salagnac, Haiti. Marie Gray, a good friend of mine, wrote the following information about the school she started in Salagnac and which the foundation she formed supports. We hope to soon…